Holographic Technology – Teaching and Training

Holographic Projection technologies are coming soon and the scientists and researchers are being funded by smart entrepreneurs who see the benefits and potential applications. In fact imagine a solution to the problem in grade school with too many kids and not enough teachers? Well with holographic technologies the Virtual Teacher’s Aids Come Alive.

Of course such Virtual AI Holographic Assistants can come in many forms such as One on One with VR Holographic Avatars or for use in training of adults in real life simulation. A college class may have a guest speaker and sign up at the Guest Speaker’s Bureau and a virtual holographic speaker ought to be a little bit cheaper. The question is if the speaker is Real or Memorex?

What about your regular college teacher? Is Your Professor Real? Holographic Technologies will also be great for Sport Technique Coaching and Training. In fact nearly all training in Virtual Reality Simulation will go Holographic with Holographic Demonstrations locally or through Long Distance eLearning initiatives where the Holographic Images are broadcast over the Internet.

Holographic Projection Technologies will surely surpass all the current research going on in the field of virtual office concepts and video conferencing. Those who spend or waste 2-years studying these current concepts will see holographic projection technologies leap-frog their research and leave them in the dust.

The Holographic Projection Technologies will be preferred by educators and students, even business trainers, consultants and speakers. Other technologies are just not as good. Online webinars are great, but nothing like what can be done with holographic technologies.