Dental Assistant Careers – Duties of and Training Required

Dental assistant careers are jam-packed with responsibilities and rewards. And, dental assistant schools make it easy to train for this exciting, well-paid career.

The overall responsibility of a dental assistant is to maximize the efficiency of a dentist’s office. They handle everything from hands-on patient care to back-end office paperwork.

Dental Assistant Careers: An Overview of Education, Duties and Training

Training for this profession requires study of the hard sciences like microbiology, physiology and anatomy. Further coursework is necessary in general dentistry and dental hygiene. In addition, this profession also requires that students develop superb communication skills. This is because they interact with patients on a multitude of levels, eg, scheduling appointments, receiving payments, and doing patient intake.

Dental assistants also order dental and other supplies for the office in which they work, and keep treatment records.

Dental Assistant Careers: Where to Get Your Training

Technical schools normally offer the quickest route to obtaining training as a dental assistant. Usually you can complete a program at a technical college in one year or less. Completion of a program at a technical college allows you to apply for entry-level positions in many cities.

The best technical schools offer externships, which allow you to practice your skills in a real-world setting. This is the best kind of training and is highly desired by potential employers. In many cases, students are hired by employers that they intern with, making a job search unnecessary upon program completion.

Dental Assistant Careers: What’s a Typical Day Like

A typical day in the life of a dental assistant varies. It depends on the setting/practice one works in. For example, some work very closely with their dentist, assisting them with everything from patient intake to laying out instruments. Others may spend a vast majority of their time in a laboratory; while others may take a more administrative role, eg, doing billing, scheduling appointments and updating patient files.

The bottom line is, this is an in-demand healthcare profession. There are always part-time and full-time positions available, making it an ideal choice for those who like career flexibility.

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