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America’s Declining Education And Its Impact On Society

What does education mean to you? Let’s turn our attention to solving one of the nation’s most important problems, education. Education is one of the most important, if the not the most important foundation that needs to be instilled in today’s children. The fact is that it’s every parents dream to see their children choose and eventually accomplish a higher level of education. Are we being surpassed by other countries, are they quickly becoming the world’s leading authority and provider of higher education?

Its clear that we have a need of higher education. We are in an economy that is based on education, we have doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists and the list goes on. If we can’t hire the workers with the training and skills we require, major companies will find it necessary to move to those countries where the talent resides. To simply state the position simply as possible, we must hire the best work force in the world to stay competitive. We are outsourcing our needs because we don’t have the level of expertise that is required to maintain our own economy.

The need to outsource is only considered as a last resort because we can’t keep up with the rest of the world. Many times we don’t have much of a choice; we need raw materials and advanced technology to compete and that only comes with an advanced education.

So, how do we maintain our education and not sacrifice our economy? First we must develop self discipline and give out teachers the tools needed so they can make a positive impact. We must do more to ensure teachers have the training to teach the subjects they’re presenting with a deeper understanding of the curriculum. The fact remains “the U.S. has the lowest high school graduation rate in the world”. If we are going to compete in a knowledge based economy we must devote more resources to our teachers. Teachers must reflect an increased focus on science and math to better prepare students and allow them to compete on a global based level.

While other countries are graduating scientists and engineers at an impressive rate our students are straying away from these fields. We have many students that are looking for a quick fix. They are not willing to put in the time and effort to really understand the curriculum. I witnessed this first hand when I was in high school and college. Many students that did their homework the night before, no research or real effort was put into their work. I remember many students that had a great memory and were able to retain just enough to get by.

Understanding is the key to success in anything you do, if we complete our work without a thorough understanding; we will not be prepared for higher “University” based education.
Our education level will play a major role, on whether or not our future will succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. If performance and test scores are declining, who needs to step in and take charge? Should it be our parents, our schools, our government, or a combination? The debate and dilemma will continue, until this growing problem is addressed.

How Online Education and Class Registration Software Facilitate Adult Education

Adult education has got a whole new dimension with significant advancements in technology. It is no more considered a mere post-retirement, part-time discourse or a late-age whim to fill in the idle hours, but a but a serious career option for those who intend to start afresh after a long hiatus. Nowadays, professional courses and training programs in both traditional classroom and online settings offer career options to students belonging to various age groups. No wonder, the students who have been away from classes and education for that matter for over a decade or more, find significant differences between these present day online classrooms and those of the yesteryears. Technology solution which has made this possible is the online class registration software.

Why elderly students prefer enrolling though class registration software?

There are many advantages of the online class management solutions that have clicked positively with the so called adult students in their 40s or above that age group. Even a large number of baby boomers take a keen interest in a variety of online courses just because of their interactive mode of teaching, ease of registration, and flexibility of attending classes.

24X7 online class registrations which enables educational institutes to upload customized registration forms on their website makes it easy for mature students to enroll for a certain course at their own convenient times. The interface also provides secure, online payment options which eliminate the need to turn up in person at the institute office to carry out the required formalities for registration. This saves their time and ensures them of hassle-free, safer, and faster transaction.

Online courses promoted on social media attract elderly students’ attention

Today’s adult learners are social media addicts. They frequently visit various social networking sites to catch up with old friends and colleagues. Some even use the platforms to look for jobs and courses that they might find interesting. Institutes offering online courses for them are aware of this fact, and so promote their courses on social media platforms using the social media connector provided by the class registration software. This way they can reach out to a large number of mature students and enhance their online registration numbers.

Online education is a viable learning option for elderly students

Online classes are very pro-student in terms of teaching mode and other educational features. The much dreaded lecture/note-taking procedure is not there. Instead, one can readily access class hand-outs once an online class is over. Student-instructor interactions are much better managed here, and participation of students in various class activities is also encouraged by making use of the social media tools and private community networks.

Institutes offering adult, online learning courses make sure that their students are accredited properly at the end of the course. For that they offer certification and give out reward points, which further encourage adult learners to take up similar courses in future.