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YourNetBiz Review – Online Business Opportunity and Training Program

YourNetBiz is an online business opportunity and training program created by Rob Hannley which is a re-brand of the My Internet Business program. The program is touted to help individuals create massive success online through it’s top tier affiliate opportunity. Here is a simple review of the program and opportunity.

YourNetBiz is simply an online business opportunity and online or Internet marketing training program formerly known as My Internet Business. The cost of the program depends on which of the four packages the individual chooses that begin at the bronze level at $495, Silver level $995, Gold level $1995 and platinum level at $2295. The product itself is not only the affiliate rights to the program a so-called business in a box, but also resell rights to all of the information products as well.

The program does offer online marketing training for it’s members, but is this truly 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching? The answer is no, the coaching and mentoring will be through live webinars and teleseminars. To help the individual with their education there will be video and text tutorials available through the system. To truly harness this educational opportunity the individual should search out a solid sponsor to join with who will be available to help them through the learning curve of online marketing.

The products with YNB will be focused on the program itself first and foremost and recruiting others into the opportunity to retain a direct sales commission. The other main products include a variety of informational products and software for online and Internet marketing that each individual retains the resell rights to for as long as they are members. The last product is simply put an opportunity to be part of a large travel club that offers discounts on hotels, airfare and travel booking arrangements one would need with vacation packages.

The compensation plan with this particular Internet business is based on direct sales commission which is by far one of the simplest compensation plans to understand.

Compensation will be earned through the affiliate sales of the information products, recruiting members into the Travel Club but mainly focused on recruiting individuals into the YNB program and opportunity itself.

YourNetBiz is a legitimate online business opportunity and training program that some individuals could find success with. Although the program does not offer a truly 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching program it will be best for the new member to team up with a sponsor that is available to help through the learning curve of Internet marketing to truly gain the knowledge base that has brought success to many of us with Internet businesses. It is also best to complete your due diligence before the outlay of money and time making sure you understand what can be expected of the program or opportunity as well as what should be expected or you.

Education and Auto Repair

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you skilled at reasoning and problem solving? If so, you may be interested in a job in the auto repair industry. There are many specialized fields in this broad industry, including automotive technology, automotive electronics, diesel technology, and auto body repair. These are simply a few of the many areas in which an education in automotive technology will prepare you for a career.

Because of advances in technology, mechanics who used to be concerned simply with external repairs have found that a more technological training is now required. Because of this rise in the sophistication of technology, an individual seeking a career in the automotive repair industry will find that an education is absolutely necessary in obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary for the job.

A skilled automotive technician is not only able to repair, maintain, and inspect automobiles, but is also skilled at reasoning and problem solving and is able to quickly identify problems with a customer’s automobile. An education in this field is necessary to learn these skills as well as to gain complete familiarity with automobile structure. Auto repair technicians and mechanics must also be familiar and skilled with the use of a wide variety of tools. A proper training from a school of automotive technology can provide the basis one needs for this career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 803,000 automobile service technicians and mechanics held jobs in 2004. The Bureau also indicates that, for those who have the proper education and training, job opportunities are especially promising. The Bureau also indicates that employers have reported a shortage of qualified workers, which makes an education and training even more important to any individual wishing to pursue a career in automotive technology. Demand for mechanics and automotive technicians will continue to increase as the number of automobiles in operation increases. An increasing number of families own multiple cares, and as this number increases, the demand for maintenance and repair workers also increases.

From this data, it is obvious that a career in the automotive industry is not only enjoyable, but also holds a promising future. As the demand for automotive technicians increases, so will the wages. Currently the median wage for automotive workers is $15.60 per hour. The highest ten percent of automotive workers earns $26.22 per hour. Many mechanics who work for a dealership or company also receive a commission. As the work becomes more technically sophisticated, salary and wages are sure to rise with the demand for specialized workers.

In order to have the capacity for this specialized work, an individual seeking a career in the automotive repair industry must have the proper education and training. One helpful tool in the search for a school to provide that training is where individuals will find a wide variety of schools and training programs where they can receive the necessary education for a career in automotive repair. The programs found at can assist any individual seeking a job in automotive repair or technology in achieving their goals and establishing a career.

Online Education and Digital Divide

Digital Education is really coming along thanks to the US Military and their expenditures in the IT Framework to make training available. The IT companies doing this training are in fact able to pass on this technology to the private sector immediately and it is helping us with the digital divide.

The United States Navy is trying many of the online Internet learning some of which we have discussed here on this site: Online Training by the US Navy is very good;

We are very much for schools. I have always supported schools:

But we are in a new era and I really believe we can do more to educate our people faster and cheaper than ever before if we use the tools of modern technology. I support ideas from Bill Gates on this issue, I believe in The First Lady’s strong commitment to education, I have always admired University of PHX and their online program and I am excited to see the bi-lateral support on the NO Child Left behind program. I am totally 100% behind the efforts to make this program work and to get behind problems of the past in education and move into the new era with these new tools.


I am glad to see that the US Military is moving forward and being efficient with taxpayer’s money, so that they have more money for new ships and planes and research and development to keep us strong and safe. Good Move, great work on this. Isn’t it great when we can get everyone on the same page and propel the future of mankind to our destiny? Think on this.