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Government Leaders Must Be Responsible For Education And Global Peace Or Accept Help

Conclusively, with problems of war prevailing today we do look at the history of our leaders and question their motives. When they meet as World powers to maintain control over the social services and economic development of poor people we notice their goals for economic development are most especially attached to resource rich developing countries in Africa. With this in mind, we need to keep them on track and need a champion to insure that non governmental agencies can participate to insure human welfare systems functions with the principles of ethics and justice. Revisit Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, South Africa, and now Sudan-all of these countries that have reserves or mineral resources and the land and people both have been exploited and left trying to develop or in civil distress: Rubber, Oil, Gold, Diamonds, Aluminium, Iron and numerous other mineral resources among those needed to drive the economies of developed nations are surely at the root of many of African problems. These same countries are among those manipulated by national and international politics for control of resources and may be driven without concern for the human rights of its citizens into chaos. This results in huge numbers of innocent people, such as refugees and displaced children to die or suffer as a result.

Most of us know that Africa is resource rich, so why can’t the people themselves be economically sustainable and not suffer since their resources are used for the benefit of others? Why do poverty and disease persist since all of the Leading governments are in Africa providing human services and developing assistance? Is someone or something driving economic, social and development problems and distress in African nations instead?

It is mostly a known fact that African resources have been specifically manipulated for centuries, this aim to have power over the resources many believe also ‘drives’ war, and many also drive counter development and genocide activities. Genocide activities would cause war, famine and diseases such as HIV to kill innocent people. Another major problem that resource driven wars cause in Africa is displacement and killing of men, women and children which creates Refugees, widows, orphans and trauma. These human problems also need immediate attention and especially some especially concerned caretakers to provide services to protect the human rights and to prevent genocide of innocent victims. Look at the genocide affecting Sudan, but to even think genocide and the killing of innocent people could be driven by resources, or to even think that governments that are created to protect people may knowingly support the killing of human life, brings great pain to many.

It is not imaginable that our leaders would be involved in any such ‘counter development activities’ like the creation of disease or wars that intentionally depopulate or kill specific people. However, I was once told that the Indians were given gifts of ‘smallpox’ infected blankets, by the Pilgrims, and that these blankets caused infections that killed off the Indians and helped win America. I was also told that there was an experiment in Alabama where African-American men who had or were infected with Syphilis were intentionally given placebos instead of a cure just so doctors could study the effects of Syphilis in the human population: most died. I had also been told that through vaccinations certain populations in Africa were infected with HIV. To say the least, even if any of the above is true, then certainly there is a prevalent human disease that needs a real loving and peaceful cure. Yet, the overall consequence: whether genocide was or is planned or whether these wars, diseases and famines in resource rich countries full of poor people are merely happenstance: one point is evident, there is a battle over the control of resources by national and international leaders that has resulted in suffering, pain, torture, death and the separation of families.

In 2007, these ‘battles’ that exist in Africa and in the Middle East are causing people all over the world to grieve either for the soldiers or the victims. Our global human family is suffering the loss of our brothers, sisters, daughters and sons, while war and the fleeing from war creates the impoverished climates internationally that causes thousands of Refugees, widows and orphans.

1. In 2007, the people in both developed and the developing world are not at peace, because their sons and daughters are dying in the Middle East from wars that could be driven by resource control or manipulation.

2. In 2007, sub-Saharan Africa is still suffering from wars, disease and massive displacement of people and Refugees, conditions that could be created by resource control and manipulation

And finally, in the case of African related peoples, can leaders of today be successful in contributing to the positive development of people they have oppressed, or do they really not have their best interests at heart? Do they only want to reduce the populations of poor people instead and continue to dominate? And if there is really no remorse for past deeds and no sincere interests in the true development of disadvantaged communities, then it may be understandable why nations such as Sudan and even Zimbabwe want to look to themselves and other people of color for their solutions. They might have given up on or want to have very little to do with the European Leadership, as problem solvers. Overall, some African leadership is left fearing the possibility that insincere humanitarian operators are still at the helm. Consequently, it is difficult to be sure who the real humanitarians are? In this case, there is a need for a Champion to step up, like those that supported Harriet Tubman anonymously, and support other programs or services more sensitive to protecting Human rights of African people, and supporting global peace specifically.

In the final recollection of historical events reviewing global wars such as Iraq and various wars in Africa: slavery, apartheid, colonialism etc., Can we at least admit that our leaders who are the primary caretakers of Africa and the world are having a few problems with conflict management and bringing peace to humanity. And just maybe they are not as successful as they would like to be in ridding the world of the causes of war, poverty, famine and disease. Otherwise, they have planned not to educate or put services in place that would effectually heal societies and create sustaining economies and provide solutions in developing nations. If this is the case then their education and training systems cannot possibly evolve to create leaders that work for peace or sustainable economic development. Neither would it foster the development of the good attributes through education that would produce future effective leadership sincere about achieving sustainable results in Africa. A final remedy is that any people interested in a future of peace for the world MUST see how they can support getting better results from our leadership. Let them know we are aware that Leadership is having problems leading the world in the pathway of peace and security and they need good guidance. There must be respect for life. Even though some of humanity experience the quality of life, no life is useless enough to kill.

Many Americans live in comfort. Overall Americans have a few worries about having a future of peace and security in place for their children. It is certain that the majority of Americans and other nationalities want to see the end of the war in Iraq and also see peaceful resolutions to all conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere. It is also certain that the majority of Americans and other nations want to see an end to the distress and suffering of Africans and other poor people and any resulting human calamity such as the Refugee plight, Disease-plagues, War and Famine. It is also certain that Americans and other nations want to see real efforts in education and in all other social services that can help our societies evolve into a future of global peace and security, have their human rights be served justly. If these are certain pointer’s addressed to leadership to help them create specific conditions that foster peace and sustain and protect the quality of life.

Some pointers to follow below are:

1. Leaders must reorganize formal education systems towards the meeting of the holistic development needs of the people they seek to lead or dominate in a just and equitable way.

2. Leaders should learn how to use formal and informal education as a tool to reduce conflicts, enhance peace, build character and ethics, and build self-reliance.

3. Leaders should teach one to create and maintain sustainable communities if they really want to enforce a positive change in the world today.

If Leaders cannot do these things they must accept help from others more sensitive to human welfare and human rights for specifically poor or developing nations. It is certain that Humanitarian workers must both be sincere and capable to provide services such as education and training that can build lasting global peace and sustainable environments. LEADERS must seek to bring REAL solutions to poverty. Good leaders will practice justice and ethics and work to preserve and sustain human life with no strings of ‘genocide’ attached!

While there is respect for our powerful leaders some guidance is needed in education and social affairs so that meaningful servicing of Human rights can be in progress. We must support Leadership and help them overcome the human dis-eases that cause the lost of human life.

Blood is a terrible thing to Waste and it cries from the ground

If you are not aware, please be informed that there are humanitarian service providers who do care and are available to help enforce positive changes towards global healing and economic sustainability of the poor and are harbingers of global peace. Most of the world is demanding that the real humanitarians please stand up, be a champion and support the establishment of systems and services that protect human rights of developing people in Africa and throughout the world.

Global Institute of Leadership and Sustainable Economics uses formal education as a tool to enhance peace and sustainable environments.

There are people who need their human rights protected as their survival is threatened today!

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Why Leaders Must Stress Education And Transparency?

Although the need for education and transparency is so often mentioned and discussed, we often witness many examples where in practice these essential components of being a real leader are not considered or utilized. It is important to focus on these needs, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because constituents deserve it, and great leaders motivate people to get more involved, care more, and bond to a greater degree with one’s organization. Jan Carizon expressed it this way, “An individual without information cannot take responsibility; an individual who is given information cannot help but take responsibility.”

Since it is the responsibility of an organization not simply to have followers, but to encourage and motivate some of these to become future leaders, doesn’t it make sense to focus on becoming a better communicator? How can any leader effectively communicate if he doesn’t emphasize comprehensively educating others to understand why the organization is meaningful enough for them to get more involved, and want to become involved in a leadership position?

However, unless this education is genuine and transparent, discussing not only the positive hype but the present and future needs and why future leaders must make their input, the group will eventually suffer and its impact will be diminshed.

1. Why is education so important? How can anyone understand why they should select a particular organization or cause to dedicate themselves to (especially considering how many causes are competing for their attention), unless there is an emphasize on thoroughly communicating. This can only occur when and if there is a focus on true learning derived from meaningful training. It is incumbent on every meaningful leader to attract others to care more, do more, and get more involved!

2. This process of education must not be merely an attempt to slant someone else’s perspective in order to create a false sense of caring, or to attempt some sort of “brainwashing.” Rather, it is only when this educational commitment is based on full disclosure and transparency, is their any attempt at a meaningful longer term impact and meaning. Transparent communication and education means openly letting others know what the realities are, without any attempt to bias or prejudice their opinion, by improperly filtering the facts.

The late founder of the once dynamic discount clothing firm, Syms, Sy Syms, used this as the company slogan, “An educated consumer is our best customer.” Only when someone leads with an emphasis on really educating will he get the best longer term, sustainable results.

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